The Floreu de Remis is a Cottage (two trisqueles) which has five rooms, with toilets, plus two toilets on the ground floor. One of the rooms is adapted as well as the access to the house and the garden. It has own parking and a bus stop next door. It is an Asturian house in wood and stone, exquisitely restored, maintaining its wooden structure by Pedro García, famous master stonemason who has managed to provide life to its centuries-old stones. Everything inside and outside has been recovered by a heritage restoration expert.

Together with Consuelo, a tourist company, his wife, who has recovered a lot of furniture and details of the accommodation, regent of this unique place, named José Remis Ovalle, grandfather of Consuelo and great legend of Asturian music. Open your door and you will see that there are not only walls, it is definitely a house with soundtrack. Vinyl records, programs of performances, scores, maps and much more adorn their walls. Observe and enjoy. But what is the history of this unique family?

Who was Remis Ovalle?